Arbitration is a process by which parties, in the midst of a dispute, defer the decision making function to a person or panel with some expertise in the nature of the dispute. It is an alternative to courts and enjoys the benefits of speed, lower cost, privacy, and the ability to choose a decision maker with some experience in the subject matter at issue. Arbitration decisions may be enforced by the courts in China. Examples of disputes that are often arbitrated include contract actions, real estate matters, employment issues and divorces.

Unitalen Attorneys at Law routinely engages in arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to minimize the cost of litigation. We have several attorneys who frequently litigate cases before arbitrators. These attorneys understand the arbitration process, its practicalities, procedures, forums and methods of enforcement. They are trained and experienced in offering special knowledge in their particular practice area, such as business, real estate, employee and employer relations and family law.