Unitalen Culture Activity: A Lecture Regarding the Professional Image for Females in the Office

September 2, 2003
On July 26th, 2003, 52 female employees at Unitalen participated in a lecture about the profession image of the female in the business environment.Ms. Hanhan Luo, a prestigious stylist and personal consultant from Taiwan, was invited as a special guest to give a presentation on the tips of dressing and makeup for females in the office place. This was the first time that Unitalen held such a culture activity.

Ms. Luo shared her experiences and expertise with the participants about such hot topics as appearance, skincare, keeping shape, SPA, and basic office beauty tips. Her presentation brought a whole-new understanding and recognition to all the attendees of the lecture. Ms. Shuqian Zhao came forward to be the model for the lecture. Ms. Luo performed a makeover on Ms. Shuqian leaving her beautiful, elegant and confident office lady after the makeover.

There was outstanding attendance at the lecture, as colleagues in the business department, trademark department, and patent department seized the opportunity to be advised on the topic. The lecture lasted two hours, but perhaps was too short for the 52 office ladies who eagerly attended. However, this kind of discussion and Q&A still gave them a wonderful opportunity to realize the basics of female office attire and how to make themselves more beautiful while working in the business environment.