Unitalen Helped DJI Invalidate Galaxee Patent

March 17, 2018

In recent years, leading companies in hot fields have often been subject to patent infringement litigation. DJI ushered a year of frequent patent infringement suits in 2017. After being sued by Galaxee (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.(Galaxee) based on 20 patents, DJI entrusted Unitalen to file a petition to invalidate Galaxee’s Patent No.201520481794.8. for a multi-rotor aircraft and flying control method for fixed-dimensionality flying.


Patent Reexamination Board made a decision on December 29, 2017 declaring Patent No.201520481794.8 shall be invalidated in whole. Consequently, the patent infringement suit filed by Galaxee before Shanghai Intellectual Property Court were also dismissed.