Unitalen Successfully Co-hosted 2019 Suzhou Overseas IP Protection Forum with Suzhou IP Office and German ZSP Patent Office

June 27, 2019

May 6, the “Overseas IP Protection Forum” co-sponsored by Suzhou IP Office, Beijing Unitalen IP Agency Co., Ltd. and German ZSP Patent Office was successfully held in Suzhou.


Mr. Shi Weibing, the deputy director of the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration (IP Office) made an opening with the introduction of the current overseas patent applications status quo.Next, Dr Susanne Schollweck, partner of ZSP Patent Office in Germany, made a comprehensive analysis of the key issues of European patent application.


Then, Zhou Xinyan, the head of the International Trademark Department of Unitalen IP Agency, presented the analysis of the problems encountered by Chinese companies in applying for trademarks in Europe through detailed study of foreign trademark rights protection cases and overseas litigation cases, so as to help enterprises understand the direction of overseas court judgement, how to optimize the application and control the risk.


Finally, Tian Junfeng, the head of Unitalen Germany Branch, gave a detailed explanation of how to avoid product infringement at trade shows with case studies.