33 Patents Represented by Unitalen won the 23rd China Patent Award, Leading the List of Agencies for Many Consecutive Years

August 23, 2022

On July 26, 2022, the CNIPA announced the decision on the 23rd China Patent Award, aiming at giving commendation to patentees, inventors (designers) who have made significant contributions in implementing innovation and promoting economic and social development and relevant organizers. In the selection of this year's China Patent Award, the cases represented by Unitalen achieved another success in that a total of 33 invention patents won this year's China Patent Award, including 1 Chinese patent gold award, 1 Chinese patent silver award and 31 Chinese patent excellent awards. So far, Unitalen has won the China Patent Award for nearly 200 patents represented thereby, leading the list of national agencies for many consecutive years.

Attached news link: http://www.unitalen.com.cn/html/report/22074398-1.htm