Attorney LI Chunya, Unitalen Partner, and Others Invited to Give Legal Risk Control Lectures to Headquarters and Branches of China Post Group

May 6, 2023

Beijing Unitalen Law Office is the intellectual property protection consultant of headquarters of China Post Group Corporation. Recently, Attorney LI Chunya, the Unitalen Partner, and Senior Attorney LI Andi were invited to give lectures in "Training Class on Professional Management Competence Improvement in Legal Risk Control for Postal Enterprises in 2023". During the on-site sharing and active interaction, the Unitalen attorneys delivered a particular introduction to amendment hotspots regarding the Trademark Law, the Copyright Law and the like, and in combination with typical cases of conflicts over trademark, copyright and trade name right represented by Unitalen, including "KINGDEE", "OPPO", "ZHOU LIU FU", "美丽俏佳人", "一品石", "HONDA" and "LIFESENSE", shared profoundly the compliant use of various business identifiers, ideas for resolving rights conflicts, and rights protection strategies.