DENSO Specially Visited Unitalen and Expressed Sincere Thanks to Unitalen for Successfully Assisting in DENSO Well-known Trademark Recognition and Safeguarding Related Trademark Rights

June 29, 2023

On the morning of May 12, 2023, ZHU Yongqiang, director of the IP Department of Shanghai Technology Center of DENSO (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and his delegation paid a special visit to Unitalen to express sincere gratitude for the efforts made by Unitalen in helping DENSO well-known trademark recognition and comprehensive protection of trademark rights. YU Zehui, president of Unitalen, LI Yang, deputy director of Unitalen, ZHANG Yazhou, attorney and senior partner of Unitalen Law Office, and attorney LI Yonghang warmly welcomed the guests and accompanied the discussion.

DENSO CORPORATION was founded in Japan in 1949 and is one of the main global suppliers of automotive components. It has been selected as one of the Fortune 500 companies for many consecutive years. In 2003, DENSO CORPORATION established a comprehensive company in China - DENSO (China) Investment Co., Ltd., responsible for the production, sales, research and development of related products and other business activities in China. After long-term and extensive use and promotion, the registered trademarks " " and " " of DENSO CORPORATION approved for use on related goods in Class 7 and Class 12 have enjoyed high popularity and reputation among the relevant Chinese public.

In response to the illegal acts of some infringers in the market who imitate and copy the registered trademark "DENSO" and use their infringing marks on different types of goods to mislead the public, DENSO CORPORATION has entrusted Unitalen to handle relevant legal affairs regarding the protection of the exclusive right to use the registered trademark "DENSO". Unitalen attaches great importance to this matter and has established a specialized working group for the "DENSO" case, led by attorney and partner of Unitalen, ZHANG Yazhou, teamed with attorneys LI Yonghang, Wen Huaqing, and ZUO Siyu, for over three years since evidence investigations. Finally, the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court made a judgment in accordance with the law, determining that the registered trademarks " " and " " of DENSO CORPORATION are well-known trademarks, and ordered the infringers to immediately cease the act of infringing the exclusive right to use the registered trademarks of DENSO CORPORATION and compensate for economic losses and reasonable expenses.

The above case is the first case in which cross-class protection for the registered trademark "DENSO" is realized in China. Through this case, Unitalen successfully represented the client to obtain for its registered trademark "DENSO" the protection that is commensurate with its existing popularity, and effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the client.